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  1. LLRRoD

    Blizzcon 2019

    Diablo 4 looks really interesting but not sure how it's going to go. A lot of promises being made, we'll have to see! OW2 looks interesting but more of an expansion pack rather than a new game altogether. Most of these titles look to be about a year out though.
  2. LLRRoD

    Netflix: He-Man "Master's Of The Universe" Series

    Powerhouse Animation Studios has officially announced the production of He-Man animated series. It will be produced through Netflix. A few months back Kevin Smith mentioned that he was involved in the project but this is the first official announcement of the series. There's no release date...
  3. LLRRoD

    Displayport 1.4 Standard

    If you're wondering what the latest standard for Displayport, it's 1.4 You can get them here It supports up to 8K 60Hz Video Resolution and HDR Support. It should also support all the 4K high refresh rate resolutions for PC displays.
  4. LLRRoD

    Plans for the Site

    We expect things to be quiet here until Google picks up on indexing the site, as well as getting organic content up. If you're seeing this for the first time, don't sweat it! Introduce yourself, post questions and conversations! It will help the community grow.
  5. LLRRoD

    G.Skill Trident Neo and Ryzen Memory Overclocking

    If you're building for Ryzen, this is a good set of RAM to consider. Buildzoid did a video of his tests regarding ram speed and latency. He concluded that going high frequency is a waste of time. However matching FLCK and ULCK can gain...
  6. LLRRoD

    Stranger Things: Season 3

    Anyone watch it yet?? How do you feel about it vs the past seasons? Like? Don't like? Which are your favorite characters? Also please note any spoilers with a spoiler tag.
  7. LLRRoD

    EVGA Precision X1

    EVGA has released the latest version of their GPU utility to It adds the ability to boost lock feature: DOWNLOAD
  8. LLRRoD

    The Outer Worlds Discussion

    Def excited about this one! I think people are comparing it to Fallout but I think it's more in line with Borderlands.
  9. LLRRoD

    Light / Dark Modes

    By default the website is in dark mode, but did you know you can also activate a "light" themed version of the forum? On the top right of the website you can locate a "lightbulb" icon. It is also on the bottom left of the website. Simply click to toggle back between the two. That's it! Enjoy!
  10. LLRRoD

    Work / Coding Music

    Looks cool! Spotify is being weird right now for some reason.
  11. LLRRoD

    Ryzen 3000 Series

    Looking to do another build in the next two months. Waiting on the 3950X to be released. 16 cores /yum...
  12. LLRRoD

    Work / Coding Music

    When I'm working or coding, I like a bit of ambient music. If you got any suggestions (artists or tracks), post them up!
  13. LLRRoD

    WoW Classic

    No plans here to get back on WoW. There's a preorder up at Target for the Collectors though.
  14. LLRRoD

    Welcome to PC / Tech Advice!

    Hello and Welcome to PC / Tech Advice! This forum was created to grow a community of people who love and enjoy technology. First and foremost this is a passion project and the goal is to give the community a space to discuss freely. It depends on all of you, as well as the staff, to spread the...
  15. LLRRoD

    NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.0

    New software updates to NVIDIA Shield. New Features: Android P Hulu Live TV Netflix gets support for Prime Video adds 4K FandangoNOW adds 4K New Twitch UI etc.... Bug Fixes: Updates "Display and Sounds" advanced setting into two easier to navigate menus. Adds option to match content color...