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    Blizzcon 2019

    Here are some of the trailers from Blizzcon 2019!!!!!!!! What are YOU hyped for? I cried during the Overwatch 2 cinematic tbh, can't fucking wait for D4 and I'm hopeful for Shadowlands being a step in the right direction for WoW Retail, but we'll see!
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    Light / Dark Modes

    I love the default dark mode :3
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    Work / Coding Music

    I've been listening to this playlist lately for background
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    WoW Classic

    Anybody plan on playing Classic WoW? It launches Aug 27th, I'm pretty hype! I'm planning to go pretty hard on it :cool:(y) I'm 90% sure I'm going Alliance as a warrior, but mage is an option too. What are you going to roll?