New XBOX 360

by LLRRoD on June 19th, 2010

So I’m not really sure I how I feel about the new XBOX 360. While it does offer a lot of cool perks, 250gb internal hard drive, internal wi-fi, a very nice back panel, smaller form factor and of course lower power consumption.. I’m not really sure it’s ‘necesary.’

Sure if you don’t already have one, then it’d be something great to have, but I already own one, and unless it breaks (again) then I don’t see the reason to shell out more money to buy basically the same thing that really isn’t that much better? I guess to each his/her own, as some people rush out to get the latest iPhone even when they already have one, JUST to have one. Which is understandable if you have money, but for those of us who are living on college type budgets or single income, lol… then I think the new XBOX 360 is more of a luxury than a necessity.

XBOX360 Version 2

What do you think?

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