Blazing Fast With A Side of Kick-Ass

by LLRRoD on August 29th, 2010

Our newest build is finally complete! This one was a real fun one to do and quite a treat. It’s the first time ever we’ve brought in an SSD into our build gallery.

The budget was around $1500ish with the monitor so we had a pretty good set of parts to work with. To name off a few of the specs, it’s a quad core, i5-760. It’s got 4 gigs of ram, 60gig ssd (main), 1 terabyte dump, an ATI 5750. Did I mention it’s liquid cooled and running inside a sleeper, Lian-Li case??

We dubbed it.. Phallix (don’t ask). Just check out the pics 😉

Computer Build – Phallix

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New Day New Build

by LLRRoD on August 5th, 2010

Okay, so I admit, I’ve been playing Starcraft II every night straight since it was released. After work I would do my normal day to day errands and then bam, Starcraft II for 2-3 straight hours.

Almost done with the Single Player Campaigns and then onto the League grind on Multiplayer 🙂

On another note, we do have another build in order! This is going to be a pretty exciting build, consisting of an i5 Quad Core and for the first time, a solid state hard drive! It’s going to be fun playing with this stuff. It is scheduled for delivery all next week and then will be put together the following Saturday so stay tuned for that.

It will be a pretty small, elegant Lian Li Case. Completely sleeper build much like our Serendipity build.

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