Blazing Fast With A Side of Kick-Ass

by LLRRoD on August 29th, 2010

Our newest build is finally complete! This one was a real fun one to do and quite a treat. It’s the first time ever we’ve brought in an SSD into our build gallery.

The budget was around $1500ish with the monitor so we had a pretty good set of parts to work with. To name off a few of the specs, it’s a quad core, i5-760. It’s got 4 gigs of ram, 60gig ssd (main), 1 terabyte dump, an ATI 5750. Did I mention it’s liquid cooled and running inside a sleeper, Lian-Li case??

We dubbed it.. Phallix (don’t ask). Just check out the pics 😉

Computer Build – Phallix

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