Computer Builds – Spartacus

Code Name: Spartacus
Budget: $800

COMPLETED: 7/19/10

CPU: Intel Core I5 750 2.66Ghz (Quad Core – Socket 1156) Overclocked to 3.2Ghz
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2 P55
Video Card: PNY GeForce 9800 GT 1GB (NVidia)
Memory: 2 x 2GB G.Skill DDR3 Ripjaws PC3 12800
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
PSU: 500W APEVIA Stock Power Supply
Operating System: Windows 7
OTHER: Corsair H50 CPU Liquid Cooler

This build was for a relative of mine that needed something powerful but compact. He wanted something that would not lag but at the same time be transportable.

This is the first SFF build I’ve done here on PC Tech Advice. Most of the computers in the gallery have all been some form of desktop. Small Form Factor (SFF) computers are great for people that want to build something small for whatever reason. Whether you’re putting this in with your home entertainment system or using it for LAN parties, SFF are a great way to minimize on the space but not on the performance.

For this build, I went for the typical Gigabyte / G.Skill / Intel combo. The i5’s have been great solid performers and so why not continue with it right?

While the Serendipity build used a full sized ATX motherboard, this one uses a GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2 P55, which is basically the little brother of the GIGABYTE P55-UD4P.

All I can say is it was REALLY fun doing this build. My brother helped me out on this project and we took the extra time to tuck the wires and make sure everything on this rig was clean.

The first reactions we got was, is that a toaster oven?, lol. Jokes aside though, this thing’s a beast. It packs four gigs of ram and a pretty good video card to boot.

A little added extra, we decided to pump it up to 3.2GHz. It was rock steady on Prime and it held the timings very well.

Last but not least, it WILL prepare your julienned fries 😉 (j/k, j/k.. we know it looks like a toaster oven, lol)

If you have any questions about this build, or any other build in our gallery, please contact us.

One Response to “Computer Builds – Spartacus”

  1. Obaba says:

    An inspirational build.
    I am a novice modder using the same case and am trying to use a hybrid cooling set up similar to yours. Did you have to cut out some of the motherboard tray and add holes to the case to get the radiator on?

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