PCTechAdvice.COM was founded in 2008. It was created to help people with tech related problems.

The idea was to create a website that was simple and easy to navigate as well as easy to understand; place where amateurs and enthusiasts alike can view reviews, tips and other electronic/gadget related news.

It was also designed to help those who would rather not pay the outrageous prices from certain electronics chains for simple computer repairs. My goal is to help anyone out there who needs computer help. Although I am located in Melbourne, FL, I can still offer tech support through the web.

Below are some frequently asked questions:

What is your background with computers?
I’ve been fixing/tinkering with computers since I was in high school. My parents bought a Packard Bell computers (anyone remember those?). Since then, I’ve been dismantling, fixing, upgrading and building all types of electronic stuff! In college I would often fix my friends’ computers in exchange for food… hey we all did what we had to in college to survive!

Can you build me a computer, and if so what would I need to do?
First.. you need to live in Melbourne, FL or the surrounding areas, lol. Next, you need to know how much you’re willing to spend. Yes I know that’s a reallly broad question, but you need an idea of what kind of computer you need, much like how you would shop for a car (ie, do you need something for work, home/leisure, business, gaming, server.. so forth).

After that, I will usually go by that budget and build a parts list and send that over to you. At that point you order all the parts and have it sent to your house. Once everything arrives, I would come over and build it for you.

Do you accept money?
If it’s offered, I won’t turn it down. But if you are in desperate need of computer help then you don’t have to feel obliged. I’m one of those people who LOVE to tinker with this stuff, and I enjoy building computers. In the event that I do have to drive out too far though, I will ask for a little help with gas.

How do you make any money off this site if you don’t directly charge people for builds/repairs?
To put it quite simply, I don’t!

Computer builds that I do are totally funded by the people that want me to do them. I offer no warranties, no 24/7 tech support (except of course through this site).. but all I can promise is that you’ll get a computer that’s either cheaper than what you would buy on the shelf.. or for the same price be a lot more powerful.

Review samples are provided usually by manufacturers or it is out of pocket. Also, as you can tell, I don’t run ads on this site! This is totally driven by you the viewers and for your enjoyment 🙂